Why Aveda Institute Maryland Beauty School?

So, why do we think Aveda Institute Maryland is the beauty school for you? We are about making your beauty school experience bold, invigorating, beneficial, and, above all, priceless. We are a beauty school that cares and looks to help students realize what makes them special. Moreover, we offer something called the Aveda Experience, which nurture’s student’s abilities and skills while also creating an environment where they can thrive!

Why Aveda Institute Maryland Beauty School

Not all beauty schools are created equally! It’s very important to select the beauty school that meets your requirements and suites your personality.

So if your are looking for a beauty school and hoping to find the right fit, we are giving you a taste of what makes Aveda Institute different from other beauty schools so that you may determine if we are the right fit for you.

Are you ready? Good.

What makes us different?

Here at Aveda we offer a series of elements that make us different from the others that comprise what we call the Aveda Experience.

1. Balanced Education of Wellness and State of the Art Technique

Why Aveda Institute Maryland Beauty School

Yes, we teach you the basics and everything you need for a sturdy foundation. What we discovered is also a part of that sturdy foundation is being able to grow not only as a stylist but as a well-balanced professional. We teach you problem solving skills, stress & relaxation, proper posture (along with technique). We’re a beauty school that cares about your health and well-being as well as how your skills improve.

Here at Aveda, we have a living and immortal online educational resource that both teachers and students use. This resource is both international and cutting edge providing students with trends that are available from not just Maryland or the East Coast, but the West, Mid-West and so on. We do not limit your knowledge, we expand on it. Even after graduation, you have full access to these materials and your instructors. We make life-long relationships and we definitely want to stay in touch long after you’ve graduated.

For us, wellness is about not just a healthy balance of what you learn, but also the insertion of positive, motivational role models into your journey and throughout your career.

2. Environmental Awareness and Natural/Holistic Approaches

Nature and natural are beautiful. Let’s give back and set a standard of care that not only your clients will appreciate but you as well. Often we focus on how our holistic approaches are beneficial for clients, but they are also extremely beneficial to you too!

Stylists and artists have to interact with products on a daily. Your hands and skin are experiencing what the clients experience. We use environmentally safe and naturally-derived ingredients such as oils and floral elements. They are gentle on the hair and skin. Not only will your client feel revitalized, but so will you. Once you finish performing a massaging Stress-Relief Hand Ritual on a client, those oils (varying from lavender to pachouli) will provide a calm and ease for you as well. That’s free aroma therapy and hand moisturizing, if you ask us. #livingthelife

Above all, we teach you the product knowledge you need to effectively recommend helpful products to your clients. This gives you a foot in the door of many Aveda Salons and Spas. It also gives you an insight into what a natural and holistic product actually looks like compared to others. We teach you marketing techniques that are not intrusive but, instead, helps you better gage a clients needs. So technically, you leave with the full package: Aveda product knowledge, marketing, superb customer service skills, and practical experience with clients.

3. Detailed Accessories that any Stylists/Artist will find Invaluable

Before we go any further, we want you to know, that we offer structured courses that are updated regularly and a curriculum that stays on top of trends. For a quick look at various programs, check out Cosmetology, Esthetics/Makeup, Blow Dry Stylist, and Massage Therapy programs. Just so you know the specifics as to what we will teach you.

Why Aveda Institute Maryland Beauty School

Throughout your time here, you will learn so many vast skills in addition to those of your selected program. We host events and contests to help you get acquainted with beneficial skills. One of those events are our career fairs. We have a network of salons and spas that are waiting to hire our students. You will get to meet those very people before and after you graduate to help you make business/employment connections. Our alumni are always welcome to our career fairs long. after they’ve graduated.

In addition, Aveda hosts social media contests which teach you social media marketing, photography/videography, as well as editing. We want students to have all the tools necessary to build their own business and market their own creativity!

Our Students’ Achievements!

Aveda Institute Maryland strives everyday to be all we can be for every student by setting and maintaining industry standards.

Aveda Institute Maryland Schools in the State of Maryland
State Board Exam Pass Rate – 97.92%N/A – State Board Exam Pass Rate
Completion Rate – 71.64%56.9% – Completion Rate
Employment Rate – 100%70.3% – Employment Rate

By also raising students to be above the bar because we know that extra little bit can take our students a long way. We provide a beauty school experience that our students will never forget. In our opinion, there are no other beauty schools like us and that’s why we think Aveda Institute Maryland Beauty School may be the right fit for you.

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