What’s a Virtual Tour like at AVEDA Institute Maryland?

We’ve put ourselves in your shoes by figuring out how you can stay comfy and get a jump-start on your career during this down time! However, in order to get started enrolling in our programs, we want to meet you and learn about your interests. In addition, even though we must momentarily practice social distancing, we want you to get a peak of what it is like at Aveda Institute Maryland by scheduling a Virtual Tour.

What’s a Virtual Tour like at AVEDA Institute Maryland?

Virtual Tours are an online means Aveda uses to connect with future students without them leaving the safety and comfort of their homes. Using online conference/webinar tools such as Zoom, we are able to connect with you via online video.

So, Zoom is sort of like the classroom/business version of FaceTime or Google Hangouts but Zoom has a special feature. It allows us to show you a presentation about our institute while while we get to know you.

What happens during a Virtual Tour?

  1. Our Admissions rep, will introduce his/herself.
  2. Then, you will get to introduce yourself as our Admissions Rep guides you through a “Get to Know you Questionnaire.”
  3. Afterwards, you will learn more about Aveda Institute Maryland and what makes our beauty school and programs differ from others.
  4. Next, we’ll want to help shape our program to meet your career goals.
  5. Last, but certainly not least, we want answer questions you may have about our programs.
  6. And Finally, we will then provide you a set instructions that will help take you to your next steps for enrollment.

How do I sign up for a Virtual Tour?

It’s super easy to sign up for a virtual tour. After clicking Schedule a tour, please read the brief directions and fill out our quick form that can be filled out in under a minute!

After filling out the form, our Admissions Rep will contact as soon as possible. During that call, text, or email, we will set you up a date and time that works best for you!

Feel free to ask us any questions, and we will happily provide you with the answers you need.

So, that’s what a Virtual Tour is like at AVEDA Institute Maryland– seems pretty easy, right? There’s no hassle or uncertainty! Start your Beauty School journey without leaving the snug comfort of your couch. That is What a Virtual Tour is like at AVEDA Institute Maryland.

Tips & Tidbits:

To help you better prepare, please download the Zoom app and create an optional free account. During video calls, we recommend using headphones with a microphone to increase the quality of your video calling experience but this is not a requirement. Lastly, make sure you are in a quiet place during video calls so that you may experience your tour uninterrupted.

Stay Safe & Healthy!

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