St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Looks That Will Make Your Friends Green With Envy!

St. Patricks day is just around the corner and Aveda is all about going green! And we are not talking about just these St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Looks! Aveda has an amazing product that lifts and firms your skin. It will make your St. Patrick’s Day makeup look that much more amazing!

Aveda Green Science Lifting Serum


Helps skin boost its natural collagen production for a more lifted appearance.

  • Formula with bio-fermented glucosamine, organic argan oil, anti-oxidants, and peptides helps promote surface skin cell turnover, moisturization, and visible skin firmness.
  • Organic argan oil*, one of the key ingredients in Aveda’s green science™ skin care, comes from the nut of the fruit of the argan tree, which grows in Morocco.

It is a perfect combination that will help your skin all year round! You can stop in our salon, Aveda Institute Maryland, and try it for yourself!

St. Patricks Day Makeup Looks

Janisse has a glittery St. Patrick’s day look that will make you sparkle all day! The best thing is that you can change the glitter color and use it all year long!

Charisma Star is one of our favorite Youtubers and this look is for our adventurous clients! It will definitely make you the talk of the party and maybe even bring you a little luck!

Lonyea has this gorgeous makeup look that makes even us green with Envy!

Maya Mia has a great tutorial for those that want to go green but a little more naturally! I really love this tutorial!

If you are adventurous and believe there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow then SweetheartFrosty has a tutorial for you!

Have you always loved doing makeup? Have a passion for skin care? Then please visit our admissions page for an appointment to check out our Esthetician class! Or you can call 410-838-0845 for an appointment today!

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