New Full Spectrum Demi Plus Line

New Full Spectrum Demi Plus Line

We have some exciting news at Aveda Institute Maryland! Aveda’s New Full Spectrum Demi Plus Line is in stock and our guests are in love with it! Want a fashion color but don’t want to sit at the salon for four hours? Then you are going to love this!!

For the past two years, Aveda’s AMAZING scientists have been developing color for people just like you! They understand that you are busy and just like Aveda, you want a fast product that doesn’t destroy your hair and it is natural. Fifteen years ago, Aveda’s last demi line—Full Spectrum™ Deposit Only Color Treatment—was released and it was amazing. But, times change. People just don’t want to do a day at the salon anymore. We just don’t have time!

The Word

So after interviewing a lot of Aveda stylists, Aveda went back to the lab and developed a color that would not only cut the time to 20 minutes, but would infuse A LOT of shine, and be as natural on the hair as possible.

“We re-tooled all our favorite parts of Deposit Only Color Treatment,” Wendy Prior, Executive Director of Technical Education for Aveda, says. “The shine is vastly improved with certified organic kukui essential oil in combination with certified organic castor and jojoba oils.”

Processing time is customizable based on your hair. You can do as little as 5 minutes with a 5 catalyst or as much as 20 minutes with a 10 catalyst. You can color your hair, have incredible stress-relieving shampoo, and a style in an hour. How amazing is that?  The sugarcane-based gel is very spreadable and cuts the application time. Rinsing is a breeze too!

The formula itself, true to Aveda fashion, contains plant-derived oils including L-arginine, which works as a power booster to increase pH for maximum color deposit into every strand, which provides lasting results that fade on tone. The best part? It drives into hair and penetrates without the use of ammonia. The formula is fully oxidated, so it’s a bit more durable. The color does not develop until it’s under the cuticle. Additionally, it gives you long lasting results!

Other key ingredients are:

  • A conditioning blend of certified organic plant oils, kukui, sunflower, castor, and jojoba, helps improve the condition of damaged hair and provide radiant shine.
  • Green tea extract helps create a broader spectrum of color by acting as a naturally-derived color modifier to enhance the shade range, helping provide the ultimate colorist’s palette.
  • Butylene glycol, derived from sugarcane, helps create a gel-based formula that has a smooth consistency for easy application.

This new formula also achieves more shine and vibrancy—and better gray coverage. It also improves the condition of damaged hair while delivering radiant color and shine.

Another amazing thing about the line is that you don’t have to commit to the color. You can change it in 6 to 8 weeks with minimal damage to the hair. To see if the Demi Plus line is right for you, come in and see one of our stylists today! You can book an appointment by calling 410-838-0845 or just walk in! Our address is 227 Archer Street, Bel-Air, MD 21014.