Luck of the Nails

St. Patrick’s Day Nails are fun and festive! No matter what the weather is like in March, new nails always make a girl feel good! And who knows, maybe a 4 leaf clover on your nail will bring you some good luck!

Aveda Institute Maryland has several stylists that can help you achieve the perfect St. Patrick’s Day nails! So stop in or call 410-838-0845.

A Few Lucky Looks

With the luck of the nails, we’ve discovered some fashionable looks for you. CutePolish has a very cute nail tutorial that will definitely make your friends green with envy!

Robin Moses’ rainbow nails are sure to have a pot of gold at the end! They are just too cute!

If you are more into the super creepy (raises hand) these nails are a must for you! These are by Robin Moses and they are just too amazing!

3D nails are all the rage and CuteGlitterNails has a tutorial that teaches the basics with a little-advanced technique!

A Few Lucky Opportunities:

After looking at these mesmerizing selections and you find you may a nag for the art of beauty, check out some of our programs. We have a wide range of selections that meet the needs of every budding beauty artist! Have an interest in doing hair and nails? Visit us at and CALL US NOW to schedule an appointment!

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