5 Wedding and Bridal Hairstyle Ideas That Are Timeless

5 Wedding and Bridal Hairstyle Ideas That Are Timeless

Your bridal hairstyle is as important as your dress. It really makes your look come together and no bride should wait until the morning of their wedding to figure out what to do with their hair. Figuring out your bridal hairstyle can be a little intimidating but with these simple tips it will be a lot easier!

What’s Your Vibe?

Do you like messy? Gypsy? Braids? Curls? This is important because you want your hair to be you. If you choose a style that is completely different than your personality you will be very uncomfortable the whole day.

Bring Photos

What you say may mean something completely different to your stylist. It is like when you color your hair. If you say “I want red hair” you may be thinking deep dark red hair, while your stylist is thinking fire engine red. You should always have pics of what you want, no matter what the service is but when it comes to bridal hair, pics are a MUST. The best way to do this is to start a Pinterest board. That way the hairstyles are easy to find and your stylist can see a variety of options. This ensures that both of you will find something perfect for the big day!

Be Prepared To Hear No

Just remember that even though you found the perfect hairstyle, it may not be right for your hair. Updos depend on the texture, cut, and condition of your hair. While most good stylists can make it work, it may take some prep work on your part. You may have to leave your hair unwashed for a couple of days so it will hold better or you may even have to have extensions added to get the volume you need. However, sometimes it just won’t work and your stylist may have to say no, it’s just not doable.

Do A Few Practice Runs

You and your stylist should have at least 2 appointments after your consultation. At those appointments, your stylist will be practicing your bridal hairstyle. These are super important because the last thing you want is a hair failure on the big day.

Keep Options Open

Even if your chosen bridal hairstyle works perfect and you are super happy, get your stylist to try a couple in the same realm. You don’t know what will happen on the big day and you want options. If you have a complicated hairstyle that puts you in the chair for an hour or so and you were up all night before, you may not feel like sitting there. Especially if you also have wedding jitters. Choose a couple simple ones just in case.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use A Student Stylist

I know what you are thinking! You are thinking “Are you crazy? I am not risking a hair disaster on the biggest day of my life!” But believe it or not, a student stylist can give you just as an amazing hairstyle as a licensed cosmetologist in a salon. At Aveda Institute Maryland our beta and gamma student stylists have over 950 hours of practice and are seasoned in updos, braids, curls, and waves. Also, they are supervised by licensed cosmetologists that have years of experience. Plus, it will be a little easier on your budget. If you are not convinced, do a consultation at a school in your area and see for yourself.


5 Wedding and Bridal Hairstyle Ideas That Are Timeless

Timeless Bridal Hairstyle by Women Beauty

Lace Braid Bridal Hairstyle by Missy Sue

Classic Bridal Updo by EmJustLikeYou

Messy Updo by Jamison Shaw

Double Twisted Crown Braid by Alex Gaboury


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