12 Pro Beauty Prom Tips That Will Keep You Looking Gorgeous All Night

12 Pro Beauty Prom Tips That Will Keep You Looking Gorgeous All Night

Prom season is right around the corner and chances are you have the dress, the shoes, and maybe even your look. But things can go wrong. Lipstick on your dress, staticy hair, or maybe even those dreaded black flakes under your eyes. How do you keep your look together all night? Well, we have 12 pro beauty prom tips that will keep you cool, comfortable, and completely together during your big night!

12 Pro Beauty Prom Tips

  1. Brighten Your Smile

    2 weeks before prom, start using a whitening toothpaste. Brush for at least two minutes and also refrain from cola, tea, and coffee. Those drinks stain your teeth.

  2. Pimp Your Glow

    If you are wearing a strapless dress add some lotion with glimmer to your shoulders, back, and chest. For extra radiance use a bronzing powder. If you want to go all out with the sparkle, FX has some amazing glitter drops. They are kind of steep in price but one drop goes a long way!

  3. Keep Smelling Sweet All Night

    This may sound weird but use a tiny, tiny bit of vaseline on the areas you spritz your perfume. It gives the perfume a base to hold onto and keeps the scent all night long. Looking for a new scent for prom? Check out Aveda’s LOVE composition oil. It is made with indigenous-collected Australian sandalwood and certified organic jasmine, vetiver and frankincense. It will keep you smelling sweet all night long.

  4. Fill In Your Brows

    Even if you don’t do it normally. Brows can really complete your face and make your makeup 10 times better. Plus, they look better in the 100 selfies you will take during the night. If you are not sure how to fill them in, come in to see one of our student specialists for a lesson!

  5. Keep Your Eyeshadow On Fleek

    Use cream eyeshadow instead of powder for a more intensified look. If you are worried it will melt off, use a thin layer of concealer under it. If you want to be a pro, use eyeshadow primer as a base. This prevents melting as well as creasing.

  6. Finish Your Look With Setting Spray

    Set your makeup with setting spray so it will stay put all night!

  7. Don’t Avoid Fake Eyelashes

    You don’t have to do full strips or even get them professionally done. Just cut the strips in half and add the lashes to the corner of your eyes for a flirty and easy look!

  8. Keep Shadow Flakes At Bay

    We have all been there. You have perfected your foundation and your eyeshadow, then you look in the mirror and see the dreaded flakes under your eyes. Usually, it is your shadow or mascara. Don’t try to rub them off or worse, wipe them. Use just a small piece of painter tape to gently dab them off. You will save your makeup!

  9. Brush Your Lips

    Remove dry skin flakes from your lips by using a gentle lip scrub and clean toothbrush. It will help your lipstick go on better. To reduce creasing or wrinkles, use Aveda’s Feed My Lips Primer before your lipstick.

  10. Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

    Lipsticks with blue undertones will make your teeth appear whiter. Choose Plums, cherry, reds, purply pinks, or any shade with a silvery shimmer. Aveda’s Nourish-Mint Cherrybud is a perfect choice! Not only does it look great, it smells great by infusing organic peppermint, vanilla, and ginger into the lipstick. Not sure it will look good on you? Stop by Aveda Institute Maryland and try it out!

  11. Do A Deep Conditioning Treatment

    If you are wearing your hair down you will want it to look soft and shiny. That is why you need a deep conditioning treatment. Not only will it make your hair soft but it will also tame frizzies and keep it tame. Aveda has an amazing deep conditioning treatment for $25 that will make your hair amazing for prom night!

  12. Spray Your Bobby Pins With Hairspray

    If you are wearing your hair up, spray your bobby pins with a little hairspray before putting them in your hair. This will make them grip better and stay in your hair, keeping your updo up all night!

Looking for a Prom Pamper party? Aveda Institute Maryland has you covered! You can get your hair, nails, and makeup done for your big day! Our student stylists will help you decide on a look and then make you beautiful! Don’t delay, call and make an appointment today and don’t forget to invite your friends so it will be a huge party!