Massage Therapy


Our wellness instructors value the importance of understanding all types of salon care. This includes the healing art of massage therapy. As a result, our massage course prepares students to take the state licensing exam and go on to a career in massage therapy.

Aveda’s goal is overall wellness for our guests. Therefore, A part of entire wellness is feeling good on the outside as well as the inside. Massage is one way to achieve inner wellness that emanates outward. With our use of the Aveda body care line, students can become well versed in the connectedness of mind and body.

Our goal is to help students achieve their aspirations of becoming a professional massage therapist. We train using Aveda products so students can give each client the full “Aveda Spa Experience.” Much like our cosmetology and esthetics courses, we offer a full range of hands-on training, in addition to traditional book work, quizzes, and live demonstrations.

The Aveda Experience

The Aveda name is derived from the “ayurveda” healing tradition in India. In other words, this tradition focuses on wellness with core knowledge of life and its interconnection among all things. As a result, students are provided an education that will push them toward a rewarding career in creating a holistic beauty and wellness experience for clients both inside and out. The Aveda brand is a worldwide network of thousands of salons seeking Aveda-trained professionals.

About our Program

Program start date & course will be here Spring 2020– so stay tuned!