Esthetics Celebrated a new Graduate!

Our Aveda Esthetics Graduate – Chelsea Pride!

Passion in the beauty industry

Our Esthetics program at Aveda Institute Maryland is definitely much more than just facials and skin care. It’s about patience and self- reflection. It’s not just about beauty and relaxation but about self-discipline and time management. Today one of our Esthetics students, Chelsea Pride, graduated from the program. Watching them walk down that hall at the end of their journey is the most satisfying thing. Although, it’s not something Chelsea woke up wanting to do because she was bored. In other words, she has wanted this since she was young. Esthetics is something you have to have a true passion for or you’re never going to find that drive. It will just be some job you wake up to go to everyday. Our students live and breathe esthetics. Our educators and our students have the same love for this craft, therefore everything works in harmony.

The future

I’m proud of Chelsea and the work she put in during her time here and I see the same determination from all of the students in the program. We came a long way to get where we are as a school and were only going to get stronger from here. Were more than just another “beauty school” in Maryland. We’re Aveda Institute Maryland where no matter who you are you can come and be yourself and work with a great, organic product line and learn from the best of the best. You will learn skin care, body treatments, makeup, lashes. Where you can make new clients and meet lifelong friends. Aveda is a family and we’re always looking for new brothers and sisters.

If you’re interested in our Esthetics program or even our Cosmetology program, click the link or email us at!

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